Work effectively while home

I love working from home, but I also love churning on-the-go—my toddler, Zachary, and I are active! If you work from home, this workshop is for you, but this workshop is also for you if you work from wherever you are—a café, a bench, a co-working place, a corner, or someplace entirely else. This workshop will be parts instruction and group-work. There will be tips, stories, and guidance about making home space work for you, but we include how to make any space work-ready. Getting focused requires stamina—clutter, both physical and mental, must be cleared, so you can let your shine come in.

Is Flash Fiction Magic? 

Flash fiction can seem elusive. It is shorter than a short story (and much shorter than a novel), but the finest flash fiction manages to tell a story fully within its common word count range of 300-1,000 words. Sometimes, flash fiction is compared to, or seen in the same arena as, prosodic poetry. So, what is flash fiction? My personal goal is that my reader feel equal parts sated and wanting more when the story ends. The genre of flash fiction (also known as short-short fiction or micro-fiction) is not new but is having a resurgence. In this workshop, we discuss the core tenets that make a flash fiction piece effective; I guide you on how to formulate a flash fiction story, and we work together on beginning your own flash fiction piece.

Self-Development & Haiku

Self-development (for the purpose of this workshop) covers educational and professional growth. They often go hand in hand, right? If we consider education more loosely—not only formal education, e.g. school-based learning—it takes on broader meaning. Education is the way you can engage with others and the world; the way you listen; how you focus on developing yourself and your mind; and how you reach your goals. In this workshop, we outline your self-development goals and review the writing you need to get there, including goal charts, personal statements, and cover letters. We use haiku to keep our eyes and ears open as we delve into our goal pathways. P.S. Please come with your goals in mind. They do not have to be fleshed out (we do this together), but be prepared to dialogue about your path!

"Such a wonderful gift discovering doors of truly help peel the creative onion. Thank you so much, Aqua Editing!"—Self-Development & Haiku participant Didi Witchard, CHHC, AADP, Holistic Wellness Counselor and Energy Healer

Note: If you or your organization have a literacy need not covered here, please reach out to me! I custom design workshops as well.