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Rob Stoller, Executive Producer, Art In Motion

"Dina and I met at Princeton University, when we were both On Camera, Events Interviewers for the Industrial Relations Section’s Centennial event. I was impressed with Dina's people and conversational skills, which are natural. In recruiting alumni, current students, and faculty to speak with her on camera about their experiences while attending Princeton, she was engaging and encouraging, and very well prepared. I would strongly recommend Dina for any similar projects, and hope to work with her again. In addition to her many abilities, she brings a wonderful, positive spirit to the set."

Kate Reuther, Founder and Director, Uptown Stories

"I am amazed and excited by how much you have accomplished in the remote role of editor extraordinaire. I have seen a real change in Michael's writing process, especially in his willingness to revise (something he was allergic to before he started working with you.) Thank you so, so much for sharing your skills, intelligence, and time with us."

Paul Fugelsang, MA, LPC, Executive Director, Open Path Psychotherapy Collective
"Dina, thank you so much for all the work you did on our online educational course. Both the Program Director and I think you did an exceptional job, and we're thrilled to have made the connection with you." 
Suzannah Windsor, Managing Editor, Compose | A Journal of Simply Good Writing

"Dina has proven to be the perfect fit for Assistant Managing Editor (of Compose, a literary journal) and consequently an essential member of our team. She’s wicked smart, has a keen eye for detail and is extraordinarily dependable."

Dr. Rattana Lao, Senior Consultant to Kenan Institute Asia

"With Dina's in-depth knowledge on education and her attention to details, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with her. She was editor-in-chief for volume six of the Society for International Education Journal at the time (published at Teachers College, Columbia University), which included one of my academic articles. Having her as the editor was ideal. I learned so much from the process and the final product was so much more refined."

Mark D. Anderson, Managing Editor at Flash Fiction Magazine

"Dina's expert eye for quality writing is unmatched. Her attention to style, detail, and voice places her among our most trusted editors."

Giorgia Sanchini, Private Equity Professional

"When I began searching for a professional development editing coach, I was not expecting to run into Dina's brilliant mind. My goal was to receive a scholarship to attend business school, so I needed to complete admission tests with almost perfect business English in just a few months! Dina taught me to successfully write in informal and institutional contexts, including resumes, essays, articles, and complex papers, underlining their key concepts and ideas. I got the scholarship. After my MBA, I began work in investments and spent 90% of my time communicating financial and economic contents in English. Dina is a professional extremely sensitive to her clients’ ambitions and needs. She pulled out the best of my hidden capabilities, and I am so grateful and happy I put one crucial aspect of my professional development and skillset in her hands."

Paul Wickett, Director-Engineering at Nextek Power Systems, Inc.

"Dina has the rare ability to quickly grasp a technical subject matter and work with engineers and architects to develop a clear, consistent and coherent message. I especially liked the way she efficiently moderated the discussion between the various stakeholders. We are very happy with the quality of our installation guides and cut-sheets. She is an asset on any technical writing project and I plan to use her on future projects."