Aqua means blue greenthe color of a wave before it breaksand the feeling of clarity and vitality. 

Aqua Editing is a story developer for creative thinkers.

Sample projects include NGO policy papers; academic pitches, articles, and books; startup marketing; digital curriculum; landing pages; blogs; and fiction.

Aqua Editing loves writing projects at any stage! I jump into your story, wherever you are in the creative process.

I work with stories from idea conception to outlining story needs to structuring content to ghostwriting to developmental editing to copy editing to proofreading to the finishing line: publication.  

Who am I?

Dina Paulson, M.A., Founder, Aqua Editing

A poet, a writer, and an editor, I bring Aqua Editing over fifteen years of storytelling experience with nonprofits, startups, corporations, educational institutions, and small to midsize service providers, as well as a background teaching languages to youth and adult learners. I write and edit from Princeton, New Jersey.